PS You're Wrong: A Pop Culture Podcast

--- Shelby and Matt ---

This weekly podcast finds two friends who are constantly at odds coming together to talk all things pop culture. With a quirky sense of humor (and a complete lack of humility), Shelby and Matt put their fingers on the pulse of social media’s zeitgeist as they discuss, dissect, and dismantle current moments in movies, music, and more. These self-proclaimed tastemakers are eager to prove their point and serve their tea too. Because you may think you’re right but P.S. You’re Wrong.

Brought to you by Shelby and Matt of PS You're Wrong: A Pop Culture Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. Pop Culture Roundup #89

    Shelby and Matt break down #FreeBritney (2:12). The Bachelor alums get greedy during the pandemic (15:45). And Joshua Bassett is speaking his truth (22:15). For love it or hate it (27:50), Matt talks about the new season of RuPaul and Shelby contemplates the new Lorde single. ...


  2. Matt Is Gay So Here's A Pride Episode (Episode 143)

    It’s Pride Month and Shelby and Matt take the time to talk about favorite movies, shows, and representation in general — but is there a bigger reason???????????? For more content and bonus episodes, join our Patreon at Check out our merch at! ...


  3. Pop Culture Roundup #88

    Rachel Lindsay puts The Bachelor on blast (3:33). The HFPA faces criticism from the inside (10:56). Victoria’s Secret loses the angels (12:40). And Lucas Hedges is trying a new look (18:06). For love it or hate it (20:52), Shelby talks about Luca and Matt recommends Hacks. For more content and ...


  4. In the Heights (Episode 142)

    n the Heights is finally out and Shelby and Matt can’t hide their enthusiasm as they talk about it. But with disappointing box office numbers and a few controversies already under its belt, can the good outweigh the bad? (Definitely. Yes.) ...


  5. Pop Culture Roundup #87

    Chrissy Tiegan is blogging her apologies now (5:26). Chris Harrison is officially out of Bachelor Nation (14:06). Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s has come to an end (18:51). And there was an incident filming Slip n Slide (23:20). For love it or hate it (25:10), Shelby falls for Loki and ...