PS You're Wrong: A Pop Culture Podcast

--- Shelby and Matt ---

This weekly podcast finds two friends who are constantly at odds coming together to talk all things pop culture. With a quirky sense of humor (and a complete lack of humility), Shelby and Matt put their fingers on the pulse of social media’s zeitgeist as they discuss, dissect, and dismantle current moments in movies, music, and more. These self-proclaimed tastemakers are eager to prove their point and serve their tea too. Because you may think you’re right but P.S. You’re Wrong.

Brought to you by Shelby and Matt of PS You're Wrong: A Pop Culture Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. Pop Culture Roundup #82

    Shelby and Matt might finally have a merch store. But the real news is Chrissy Tiegan left Twitter (9:44). The Duke left *Bridgerton* (14:22). And Rachel Hollis left relatability behind (19:55). For love it or hate it (26:45), Shelby and Matt bring back the great documentary debate of 2021. ...


  2. 2021 Film Preview (Episode 132)

    Yes its April, and late to be doing a preview of the year's films BUT it is a weird year. Shelby and Matt disucss the films that were bumped from last year due to Covid as well as plenty of new movies that have been added to the lineup. For ...


  3. Pop Culture Roundup #81

    We talk about our favorite Beverly Cleary (3:55), then it’s time to get into Hottest Bald Men (5:42), Lil Nas X devil shoes (8:10), good will for author Dav Pilkey (17:46), and bad vibes from Olivia Jade (20:27). For Love it or Hate It (25:24), Matt visits some of the ...


  4. Zack Snyder's Justice League (Episode 131)

    It’s time to #releasetheSnydercut as Shelby and Matt talk about all things DCEU from the theatrical release, all the behind the scenes, and finally what goes down in Snyderverse. ...


  5. Pop Culture Roundup #80

    Kylie Jenner forgets she’s a millionaire (3:59). *Promising Young Woman* is getting her dues (9:09). David Dobrik is too (10:59). And then there’s Vin Diesel’s son (19:05). For love it or hate it (25:56) Matt recommends *Minari* and Shelby gets serious about *Falcon and the Winter Soldier*. ...