PS You're Wrong: A Pop Culture Podcast

--- Shelby and Matt ---

This weekly podcast finds two friends who are constantly at odds coming together to talk all things pop culture. With a quirky sense of humor (and a complete lack of humility), Shelby and Matt put their fingers on the pulse of social media’s zeitgeist as they discuss, dissect, and dismantle current moments in movies, music, and more. These self-proclaimed tastemakers are eager to prove their point and serve their tea too. Because you may think you’re right but P.S. You’re Wrong.
Brought to you by Shelby and Matt of PS You're Wrong: A Pop Culture Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. Pop Culture Roundup #5

    Shelby is fully thriving with rumors of a new Taylor Swift album (1:17) and Matt is stoked about *NSYNC crashing Ariana Grande’s Coachella set (5:39). Then it’s time to talk about Kim Kardashian West, esquire (8:25) the new Disney Plus lineup (14:51), and where Aunt Becky is with her prison ...


  2. Shazam! (Episode 37)

    Shelby and Matt start things off with a check in on their 2019 predictions (1:50). Then they get into *Shazam!*, the latest entry in the DCEU (6:28) as they talk about comedy and superheroes. They wrap it up with a new segment called Winners and Losers (36:50) before going into ...


  3. Pop Culture Roundup #4

    Matt can’t wait to bring up *Cats* and whether or not he’ll see James Cordon in a bodysuit (2:53) and Shelby is curious about Ariana Grande’s new song Monopoly and just what she gave up for the win (6:19). Then it’s talk of the Jonas Brothers favorite bar (12:09) ...


  4. Us (Episode 36)

    Shelby and Matt attempt to unpack the much-talked-about new horror flick *Us*. They talk about Jordan Peele and how the film has done but SPOILER ALERT starting at 17:18. Then they go all in on wild theories, lingering questions, possible themes and whether or not this untethering worked for either ...


  5. Pop Culture Roundup #3

    After a brief hiatus, Shelby and Matt get into it over the new Apple streaming service (3:21) and Disney’s merger with Fox (6:52), Jussie Smollet (12:24), and what Jameela Jamil has to say about the Kardashians (14:44), and Kanye’s connection to *The Incredibles* (25:24). For Love it or Hate it ...