PS You're Wrong: A Pop Culture Podcast

--- Shelby and Matt ---

This weekly podcast finds two friends who are constantly at odds coming together to talk all things pop culture. With a quirky sense of humor (and a complete lack of humility), Shelby and Matt put their fingers on the pulse of social media’s zeitgeist as they discuss, dissect, and dismantle current moments in movies, music, and more. These self-proclaimed tastemakers are eager to prove their point and serve their tea too. Because you may think you’re right but P.S. You’re Wrong.

Brought to you by Shelby and Matt of PS You're Wrong: A Pop Culture Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. Pop Culture Roundup #96

    Dancing with the Stars is back with a problematic cast (6:08). Kanye West has a new album we don’t want to talk about (10:20). Shelby has an excuse to rant about Brad Pitt (13:50). And the VMAs are officially happening (19:50). For love it or hate it (23:00), ...


  2. Free Guy (Episode 151)

    Shelby and Matt finally get to talk about Free Guy. Between the cameos and Mariah Carey covers, they talk about the surprise success of Ryan Reynold’s latest production. ...


  3. Pop Culture Roundup #95

    Taylor Swift is on TikTok (:31). Matt gives his expert opinion on streaming services (8:30). Kacey Musgrave’s has a new album coming out (13:16). OnlyFans is making some choices (15:45). And Jeopardy is struggling to find its host (18:58). For Love It or Hate It (24:25), Matt talks ...


  4. The White Lotus (Episode 150)

    Shelby and Matt talk about summers surprise hit, The White Lotus. From all the characters and themes to that final twist, they break down why exactly this HBO show might be the best thing to come out of 2021.   For bonus episodes, join our Patreon at    ...


  5. Pop Culture Roundup #94

    Shelby gives the Bachelorette recap a week late (:43). Dolly Parton is writing a novel with James Patterson (10:40). There are Fboy Island finale spoilers (13:50) and some random production announcements (19:34). For love it or hate it (21:25), Shelby watches Panic for a listener and Matt catches ...