PS You're Wrong: A Pop Culture Podcast

--- Shelby and Matt ---

This weekly podcast finds two friends who are constantly at odds coming together to talk all things pop culture. With a quirky sense of humor (and a complete lack of humility), Shelby and Matt put their fingers on the pulse of social media’s zeitgeist as they discuss, dissect, and dismantle current moments in movies, music, and more. These self-proclaimed tastemakers are eager to prove their point and serve their tea too. Because you may think you’re right but P.S. You’re Wrong.
Brought to you by Shelby and Matt of PS You're Wrong: A Pop Culture Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. The Meg (Episode 7)

    Everyone’s upset about the Oscars introducing a new “Popular Film” category (3:43) but Matt is just excited to be talking about award season already. Shelby leads them in a game of Rank Your Favorite Chris’s after breaking the news that talks to star both Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth in ...


  2. Christopher Robin (Episode 6)

    Shelby gives Matt the rundown on a little show called *The Bachelorette* and its final rose (4:00). Matt surprises everyone by bringing up the Marvel Universe to talk about the latest *Guardians of the Galaxy* drama (12:56). Then there’s talk of self-obsessed fans and Lady Gaga’s new Vegas show before ...


  3. Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Episode 5)

    Matt is disappointed to find out he might have to watch Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s *A Star Is Born* since it’s a Fall festival darling (12:30) and Shelby is only mildly interested in the backlash against Netflix's *Insatiable*. But the real drama is the announcement of a live-action movie ...


  4. Skyscraper (Episode 4)

    Jeff Goldblum on the Thames. Kylie Jenner mutilating her baby’s ears. MoviePass tries upselling surge pricing. There’s a lot to know, but Shelby only really gets going when it’s time to talk VMA nominations -- and snubs (18:34). Matt puts up with the Taylor Swift talk as they discuss music ...


  5. Sharp Objects Premiere (Episode 3)

    Shelby starts off with an update on Ariana and Pete and whether we can just let them live (1:53), then Matt catches her up on all the Emmy nomination drama (18:22). We also talk about Kylie Jenner and Forbes’ “self-made”-gate. Plus #Planebae breaks her silence making everyone involved feel dirty ...